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Empower your child 

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beyond the dojo with

Discover Your ROAR!

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From whispers to ROARS in 7 weeks!

For nearly three decades at Maine Kyokushin Karate (MKK), we've embarked on transformative journeys with our youngest martial artists through our Dragons and Ninjas programs, and our pioneering All-Girl Karate classes. Guided by the principles of the Triad Fusion Method, we've nurtured preschoolers to 2nd graders, instilling in them the confidence, discipline, and resilience that Kyokushin Karate embodies.

Bringing Dojo lessons home!

Our philosophy extends beyond traditional karate training; it's about empowering every child to find their inner strength and voice. That's why we're thrilled to introduce an extension of our dojo's teachings into your home: Discover Your Roar - a dynamic program designed to amplify your child's journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Our Secret Weapon:

Triad Fusion Method

The Triad Fusion Method is an innovative approach that connects mind, body, and spirit, fostering empowerment and resilience. It builds on martial arts principles, guiding individuals to harmonize cognitive insights, physical action, and emotional courage. Through small, actionable steps, this method empowers learners to confidently navigate life's challenges, ensuring balanced growth and the discovery of their inner strength.

From Silence to Strength

Whether your child is just beginning their black belt journey or looking to translate their dojo lessons into personal empowerment, Discover Your ROAR offers an engaging, interactive way to deepen their understanding of self-worth, assertiveness, and resilience.

Join us beyond the mats of MKK and venture into a world where your child's voice grows stronger, their spirit braver, and their confidence unshakeable. Embark on this journey together at Be Fierce, and let's watch your child roar to new heights.

Now Only $27!

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