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All-Women Self-Defense Coub

Helping Women Find Their Voices

Self-Defense & Empowerment Workshops


"9 out of 10 women have felt emotionally or physically unsafe to speak their mind."

We've been teaching self-defense wrong. If women don't feel they can speak up, how will they ever say NO when it matters most?


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Empowerment for Life

Defending ourselves is so much more than learning how to kick and punch. Our 3-month program focuses on empowering women through martial arts. We'll learn how to kick, punch, use some weapons, and we'll certainly be breaking stuff. And along the way, we'll work on 10 Codes of Self Defense, starting with self-care and ending with tackling our biggest fears.

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3-Month Workshops

We will stand taller, speak louder, and claim our true place in this world.

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